To Register

- Call the main office to schedule an appointment.

(entrance exams are typically given Mon. - Fri. (9am-12noon) -- by appointment ONLY)

- Fill out the Yes, I Wish to Apply form.
- Bring in a copy of your high school diploma (or GED)
- Bring in a copy of your status of citizenship.

(US Passport, Naturalization Papers, Green Card, Birth Certificate, etc.)

- Registration fee of $275 is required.
- Passage of McGraw Hill: Adult Education Entrance Exam

(75% or higher is passing)

Physical Requirements
(If you have physical ailments that could hinder you from performing any of the listed tasks, please obtain a physical and get cleared by your primary care physician.)

Required Documentation

- Status of Citizenship
- Copy of Driver’s License
- Copy of Social Security Card
- High School Diploma (or GED)
- Police Clearance/Police Clearance Liability Waiver
- CPR Certification Card